Washing machine cleaning tips


Pretty much all items within a given premises need to be cleaned at least every so often and the washing machine is simply no exception. The thing is, with prolonged usage, the inside of the washing machine gets stained and may develop an unpleasant scent as well. In turn, this odour will transfer to your clothes during subsequent laundry cycles. In order to avoid such negative scenario, it might be a good idea to clean the washing machine whenever you notice dirt building up. There are a few good methods to go about this. Let’s examine them together.


Method 1 Front-loading machines


washing machineFill the laundry with hot water first. Note that some newer models come equipped with a self-cleaning cycle. If your has that, so much the better. Simply set it on this setting. If the laundry does not have it, then no worries, just fill in with hot water.


Add some bleach through the dispenser. Bleach will do an amazing job with the stains and it will not take too much time at all. Not to mention it will be completely effort-free. After you add it, let the machine finish the rest of its washing cycle.


Do your best to clean the rubber sealing on the laundry door. It happens so, that mold can sometimes sneak in between the rubber and the machine itself and it can stay there unnoticed for a very long time. Equip yourself with an all-purpose cleaning detergent and a sponge and get right down to business.


Take good care of the dispenser as well. Get yourself some water, all-purpose detergent and vinegar and unclog the dispenser, removing hair, powder and any other undesirable leftovers there might be.


Method 2 Top-loading machines


washing machineOnce again, in this method you need to fill the machine with some hot water. One of the best ways to do so would be to start a washing cycle with hot water and then interrupt it once the machine has been filled up.


Then, add some bleach but for this to kick in nicely, you will have to turn the machine on for a little bit. That will allow the bleach to mix with the water. After the bleach has successfully penetrated the inner chamber of the washing machine, you can turn the machine back off. Some people prefer not to use bleach if they can help it so if you are one of these people, that try purchasing a special machine cleaner from your local groceries store. Another alternative would be to use baking soda in combination with white distilled vinegar. Let it sit like that for an hour or so.


After one hour passes, finish the washing cycle of your machine but only this time, the whole inside of it is sterile and completely sanitised. If the smell of bleach gives you trouble, then fill it with vinegar instead of bleach and complete the whole cycle once again.


Remember household appliances require cleaning despite their potentially sturdy look from the outside. The washing machine is one of them appliances you need not worry too much for, though it might do you justice to give it a go about once a year, whenever you do a major house cleaning, the above mentioned processes can run in the background.