A few tricks that improves your work efficiency

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you probably know that it’s not always easy to remain positive and happy. There are tons of reasons why you could be down, or simply not at your very best, but today we’re not going to talk about this but something else instead. Today we’ll talk about how your work space itself could improve your efficiency and make you a better worker, which will end up being a positive for you and your boss. Deadlines and 9-5 work is something which might not seem like it’s for everyone, but read on and you might start going home after work with a smile on your face.

Keep yourself accountable to small tasks

Keeping yourself accountable to what you do is really important. If there isn’t a supervisor who tells you what needs to be done, your efficiency will definitely get a lot higher once you start holding yourself accountable to your work. If there’s something on this list that has been proven – this is it. People that work for themselves simply need to do this, because if they don’t, they’d probably end up on the street.

That being said, you obviously won’t push yourself as much as a boss over your head will. This obviously means that you will have less stress though, which will eventually lead in more enthusiasm going into the work you do, more creativity, etc.

Personalize your desk and own your work space

Customizing your work space and making it your own in terms of style and feel is something which will have an imminent impact on your work performance. If your office is already pretty opened to customization, or already looks awesome, your input will definitely go unnoticed, but if you work in a cubicle it might be a little harder. Some companies these days still don’t allow customizing the work space, which is terrible, but you can still try to ask your direct supervisor to make the cubicle a little more green. It will make your daily life a tiny bit better, which is still an improvement.

Thank the people your work with for what they do

Even if you aren’t anyone’s bossd thanking people and pretty much just being kind and nice to them will lead to a better work environment. Our actions might mean the difference between a happy co-worker and a miserable one and we are always able to give someone our kind words to make them feel better. Imagine how you would feel if someone gives you a compliment on your work and how you would feel if they did so.

If you don’t have a work space that you own or that you could call your own, or you simply work from somewhere – like your car or you work in other people’s places, customizing them and feeling like you belong there isn’t that hard either. You’d just have to find your own way to customize them, with your own music or something like that. Just keep in mind that if you work for someone as a cleaner for example, people might not be that happy that you’re rearranging their home or making it smell or feel any different.