The Art of Decorating the Living Room

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The living room is where you welcome and entertain your guests. Usually the living room is the first part of the house that people see and this is why it must be the most beautifully decorated. There are times when the living room is transformed into a home cinema and sometimes it is a study area. Most of the time, family and friends gathered in the living room and spend the vast majority of their time there.

A design could tell a lot about owner’s personality. Make sure that you could decorate your living room in a way that will give a positive impact to the visitors. If you do, your family and friends will surely love your home and be truly inspired to maybe even redesign their own homes as well! Be an inspiration for others! Establish a truly welcoming atmosphere of living through the advice we give you below. In order to help you do so, we have comprised a comprehensive list of tips and tricks that will most certainly be of great help when trying to transform your living room from an ordinary lifeless premise into a real exhibit of personality and style.


List of 17 cool tips & tricks


 1. Start by listing your needs

Determine the volume you want to give the room to suit your lifestyle. Always count the number of seats (sofas, armchairs) that will be needed and list everything you need or want: furniture, carpets, curtains … Think of the traffic in the room and pay attention to doors and windows because they can cause problems with the layout of your living room. With seats in mind, think how many people you would like the room to comfortably accommodate. Are you having friends and family over often? Do you have a large family that spends time in the living room each evening? Also with regards to needs, do you enjoy watching TV from time to time? Do you need an office/study area to be fit somewhere in the living room? Ask as many clarifying questions like that and try to produce answers. That way, you are far less likely to miss something out and simultaneously increase the chance for you to be happy about the whole arrangement.


2. Determine your own style

To help you define your decorating style, you can document it in the house like catalogs of the world, offering a wide range of environments (contemporary, charm, cozy). For example, you can have an entertainment corner where you can have the TV, a laptop and maybe music speakers. You can also have a study area with a desk and a bookshelf. If the living room is combined with dining one, then obviously, there could be a dining table and chairs as well.


 huge window3. Consider having a huge window.

A huge window allows for a lot of natural light to illuminate the living room. This is an advantage because you can have enough light during the day which in turn, will also improve the way your living room feels like. Use blinds or curtains so that you can cover the window at night and avoid being looked at from the outside if there is such a possibility.


4. Have at least a bit of open space

Generally, it is a good idea to leave some open spaces in the living room. You can arrange your furniture in a central island if you have enough space or have the bigger pieces of furniture fit around the walls and corners of the room, essentially leaving the central part completely open. In the corner, you can place a large plant or a sculpture in case you decided to have the furniture placed like a mid-room island. Bear in mind that open spaces allow for much better circulation which is helpful both when trying to ventilate the area and in general, there will be less dust accumulated.


5. Choose furniture

The kind of furniture you have in the living room is essential to the way the whole room is going to feel. Choose furniture that give your living room an exciting look, that make it special in some way. It would be better if your upholstered pieces are the same color with the fabric. Choose the right size, too. Do not use oversized furniture if your room is relatively small. Also, do not use furniture too small if your living room is fairly large. If you are the kind of person that likes to rearrange the living room every so often, than if might be a good idea to go ahead with furniture on wheels. That way, you can protect the flooring surface from needless scratches when moving heavy items around the room.


6. Living room furniture layoutFurniture layout

Place your furniture according to your need for space. For instance, if you have any gym equipment you like to use, leave some space for it. Or if you prefer to do your exercises in the living room, you might consider rearranging the furniture accordingly. Your living room can be rectangular, square, octagon or triangle. Whatever the form just make sure you have a good arrangement of furniture for the place is good for the circulation. You can place your sofa in a diagonal and you can even test different angles until you find the perfect position.


7. Materials: dare for fun!

Regarding the furniture, the big trend right now is still the lacquer. Many people opt for materials that are generally difficult to maintain but are so much more beautiful. Esthetics is playing a much more increasing role over the years and you should be mindful of that if you have the means to afford something a bit more luxurious. For your floors, do not be afraid to use PVC tiles. Their appearance can be greatly improved by bluffing and they are super easy to install and downright cheap. Let the walls play a role as well, you can create a real lively wall in the living room, and really emphasizes the space of your choice (sofa, TV room, etc.). Simple to set up and often inexpensive because you can only work on a small area, it can serve as a decorative element on its own. Turn away a strip of wallpaper to make a decorative wall tape or attach several on rails to create nice sliding panels’ paper. Think of the wall coated concrete effects that give character to a wall. Finally, it is important to accept that material has its own properties subject to change with time. It evolves, spins, cracks. You should be mindful of that fact in order to avoid disappointment.


7. Colours: choose soft shades

No, the truth is not the decor! Indeed, our choices are primarily personal and we should not forget that. Bringing colour into the house is pretty much the same thing. We do not perceive the same pitch in the same way others do. But anyway, not to deceive you, use soft colors on your walls (warm gray, taupe, linen) and dare one wall more intense color just for giggles.


8. Decorate your fireplace

Christmas decorationsIf you have a fireplace, decorate your mantle in a manner appropriate to the design of your home. You can place a huge mirror above a size that corresponds to the width of the chimney.


9. Observe coordination

You can match your living room to the rest of your home in accordance with good coordination. You can do this by following a specific color scheme. But if you choose to use a different color in your room, you can still have the coordination by putting some decorations or accessories that you use in other rooms of the house. This will create a sense of balance in your home and it will look more organized.


10. Hide your TV

TV in wardrobeOften the most obvious item of a living room is the television. If you do not have a flat screen TV that is very elegant, you may want to hide it by placing it inside a wardrobe. In addition, your living room should have a dimmer switch so that you can go into a movie theater dimming lights. You can have a curved baffle ceiling to improve the acoustics.


11. Use different shapes

Forms are important for they give you options of what you can place in your living room. Usually rectangles are used for sofas, windows, carpets and other. But you can always balance this by using other forms for certain items such as a round jet pillows, free form sculpture, an oval coffee table and others.


12. Use spectacular lighting

spectacular lightningIt is important that your living room is well lit. You can use general spotlights to illuminate some areas. You can also use pin lights and recessed lighting. You can also place a table lamp that can also be an additional decoration and even street lights. Do not place the light near the TV because it already emits light.


13. Choose a creative centerpiece

Use a centerpiece for your coffee table or shelf. You can use fresh flowers if you want. Use a single vase, too. Apart from fresh flowers, you can also find some interesting table centers that can add beauty and accent your living room. If you smoke, you can place a weirdly shaped ash trey. Or an unorthodox sculpture could also do the trick. As a matter of fact, instead of a coffee table, you can also go ahead with all sorts of items for the middle of the room. It could be the sofa if you fancy that or even leave it wide open and use it for dance floor during functions.


14. Opt for details and accessories

You can add some details in your living room like window frames, ceiling details and moldings, and many others. You can also add some accessories like plants, paintings, vases, sculptures and others that can make your cozy living room. But do not use too much of it because it might look overcrowded. You can put some pottery on the corners. Choose a creative lamp that can add beauty to your living room. You can also place your collections in cabinets, pillows on the sofas, rugs or carpet on the floor and fresh flowers on the table.


15. Create a wall with a bold accentbold accent wall

Your show will be even more spectacular if you place a contrasting wall. Change the color to match the color of your living room. If you used cold tones, you can opt for the bright green or green to the wall. You can use yellow or orange if your living room has warm colors. You can use red, orange or dark gray calming for a contemporary look and greens and browns for a traditional look. If you are feeling somewhat cheeky, you can also have one wall with a different colour than all the others. That same wall can have some sort of decoration in addition like a painting, the TV or a darts board.


16. Observe the proper flow

Traffic is very important to ensure that homeowners can move around the place without stumbling in anything. Your furniture should be willing to have a good circulation. You can place your furniture at right angles; this will make the discussion with
others easier.



Well, for sure, you’ll be able to have a good understanding of living if you try to consider the points above. Also, it helps to have a good design is by planning ahead and making sure that you plan for what you really like. Have a good time to design your living room and you can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere! There are also a lot of other great things that could brighten up your home such as the professional cleaning we offer in London.

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