How to properly maintain the carpets in your home


Almost everyone has them and virtually everybody loves them. The carpets are, by any means, an essential part of any home’s spirit and individuality. They represent the warmth, softness and kindness when it comes to decoration and home improvements of any kind. Imagine what would it be without them. The cold feeling you get early in the morning from the tiles renders you to seek out those slippers have them to come to your aid. Searching for slippers in that half asleep state is hardly pleasant and should be best avoided. Also, having to replace your favourite carpets is yet another unpleasant strike of destiny. Maintaining the carpets well over the years can really give you an edge and extend the life of the base and pile by many years. This handy guide will delve into the details how this can actually be accomplished.




Find the carpet sticker which explains the type of fabric and the kind of cleaning it can potentially endure – steam or dry. This is especially important if you are considering professional cleaning at some point. Another point in favour of knowing that would be the fact at one point or another you are likely to move out (cease renting or sell) and then comes the inevitable tenancy cleaning. Would not want to cause damage right before you leave and hamper your chances to receive deposit in its entirety, correct? Make sure you know how to do it right.




Funny enough, investing just a handful of quid for a half-decent doormat can vastly improve the life of your carpets. Simply because a great deal of dirt and soil will remain on the doormat and never enter the premises, you are far more likely not to need much home cleaning at all. Thus, receiving two benefits from one action which is great.




It is a good idea to vacuum daily. It only takes a few minutes time and guarantees a dust/dirt free home as well as the good shape of the carpets themselves. It is granted, the results will make you feel better and you will no longer feel embarrassed of having guests over.




If you happen to spill something over, don’t wait for a permanent spot to form. It is dangerous. On the one hand, it won’t look well. On the other, germs will begin forming great new colonies on that very spot, feeding off the vital nutrients of whatever was spilled. Either scenario is unwanted, hence best avoided.


As much as it represents a nuisance of the highest order, one can not easily discard the benefits of deep, professional cleaning, at least every now and then. Once a year is not a bad average when it comes to paying for the service itself and that will hardly hurt your wallet and budget spending. Think of it as an investment for the future that will surely reduce your future spendings by a large margin.