moving out

That’s it, you’ve decided to move! But there is no need to panic, Housegleam is here to help you with a number of useful advices and tips how to organise the move in a hassle-free manner. A big change is looming in the coming weeks you will change your address! For many of us, moving is an opportunity to sort out closets and put some order in our life! For others, this event is an additional source of stress that needs to be managed better.

Packing stuff in boxes, renting a truck or finding a moving company, the priority list continues to grow gradually as the big day approaches! To help you tackle this chore efficiently and orderly, we prepared a short memo “special move” that will save you, hopefully, a lot of worry!


Make a thorough plan


When moving, two choices are available to you: either you opt for the help of your friends, or you use professionals. To avoid “seasonal congestion” associated with this type of approach, know that it is better to organize your move out in periods where professionals are most sought (beginning and end of the month during school holidays) and therefore the most expensive (up to 20% more, depending on the estimate)!


Your notice is finally given? So you have less than three months to plan your operation “changing address!” This is a great opportunity to organize you a great day garage sale to get rid of a whole bunch of unnecessary objects. Feel free to inform your friends, neighbours and solidarity associations, such as The Red Cross, you decide to get rid of some furniture and / or old clothes, they will surely be interested!


Note on cleaning


Most of us have to return the premises we are leaving out of in a condition that is as close to the state we received it in the first place. That is to say, we have to return it clean and undamaged, with no items missing (if the property was given out in a furnished state). Cleaning can be quite a hassle if done without professional help. That of course, depends on the size of the property as well. While a studio flat can easily be handled, a three bedroom house will be a different story. In many cases, landlords and agencies request tenants to hire professional cleaners before moving out and on top of that, to present a formal receipt for the job done. This is done to protect landlords and to guarantee them the property will be ready for the new tenants to move in.


1. Moving on your own


move outObviously, this is a cheaper option but it takes a bit of organization. These approaches will help you.
Comprise a list in which to note everything about the move. List all the tasks and organise them chronologically or according to their nature. Nothing has to end up forgotten, so it makes sense to gather all needed documents well beforehand (paper rented vehicle contract with the mover, etc.)
Measure the furniture to ensure that they spend in the elevator (or staircase) of your new home. Think to calculate the volume of utility I’ll rent vehicle volume calculator is available on many sites. Whenever you can, hire the moving truck.
Of course, I would suggest you to warn as soon as possible your friends and family. With good will, you can make significant cost reductions associated with the move! Also, do not forget to arrange parking both for your current and new homes. If for some reason the truck can not park there, or can not do so for long enough, you will find yourself in a bit of a pickle.


2. Moving with professionals


Let me give you some advices that better reflect on the way I would do things and I certainly recommend you to try them out and easy the transition as much as possible.

I compare the offers on the Internet. If I decide to hire a mover, I determine the formula that suits me best: simple transportation including loading and unloading, the full support of my business with packaging and assembling furniture. To compare prices and options, I do not hesitate to ask for several quotes. When my choice is made, I reserve team of movers. To have no surprises on D-Day, I phoned the company two weeks before and I confirm the exact time of appointment.


Bulky furniture, lack of time and desire for your move, you decide to do nothing or almost nothing at all! No problem, big and strong men are there to serve you, for a fee! However, be vigilant in choosing your provider. Indeed, it is best to contact a moving company which will guarantee quality service. Check with the web for some customer reviews to avoid unpleasant encounters. To choose the right provider, several considerations are taken into account.


First, a “moving consultant” should (must) come to your home to perform an estimate and thus realize the volume of furniture to remove. This approach is of course free!

Then, once the quote has been accepted, you will have to pay part of the cost to the mover and the remainder at the time of delivery of your furniture in your new home.

A note that all your valuables should be listed and the list handed over to the movers so that you are compensated in case of breakage or missing valuables.

According to your means, several options are available: “economic” (you do your own boxes and the movers do the rest), “standard” (you do not pack your fragile items) and “luxury “(movers handle your furniture from start to finish).

3. The art of packing stuff in boxes

moving dayThe goal? Do not wait until the last minute to estimate the volume and order packing my boxes. To improve efficiency, here are some tips:
I choose small boxes that I can wear without difficulty. In order to stack them, I filled in a uniform and balanced way.
I do not forget the essential accessories: tape, bubble wrap, and protective covers that will keep essentials protected.

I begin by sorting before packing, and I will make the number of boxes,
I number of cartons per piece destination without forgetting to mark their number in my notebook

I note the contents with a marker on the top and on the side,
for my personal and valuable (jewelry, souvenirs) objects, I is one or two cards that I will keep with me. They will also contain my ID, kit care, necessities, clothes for a day or two,
I have items in good condition I do not want to keep? I do a good deed by giving to charities.

Set the final details

The big day is approaching! It remains only to do what I set aside, saying “We’ll see to it later ”
I identify the shortest route between my old and new home and I print the access plan if necessary
I do not forget to take my clothes to the cleaners and my shoes to the cobbler, and to return library books and DVDs at the library,
I photocopy important documents; in case of loss, I can easily get one duplicate, or if necessary, redo,
I prepare my various electrical machines for the move I defrost my freezer, drain my washing machine and appliances containing fuels (lawnmowers, stoves), I unplug appliances,
I do grocery shopping for the next day
so I decided to call my family, I develop a plan for distribution of tasks: packing, removal of the last furniture, loading . Same goes for unloading,
The night before, armed with my permission, I occupy a parking space for loading and unloading the vehicle,
I set up my electricity, gas, water.

D-Day: calm and good humor

Everything is organized, there is no reason to stress myself out.

I distribute to each participant a site plan of the new home. If necessary, I glue on the doors of my new home labels stating “salon”, “room”.
if I move myself, I methodically load the moving van. I optimizes space by positioning the bulky and heavy furniture on the floor, in priority to the bottom and sides of the vehicle. Lighter objects are stacked above. I firmly attach all elements.
if necessary, I give each vehicle address, map and directions and a list of all mobile phones
upon arrival, I count the cards, checks the contents and condition of the furniture before signing the discharge letter. If I find the break, damage or missing items, I point out the movers and describe the damage in the consignment. Please note that the words “subject to unpacking” has no legal value,
I anticipate cash sufficient to tip the movers if they did a good job.
If I call a company, my presence is needed on moving day. In the event that I would not be available, I give a mandate to a person of trust, so that it can perform at my place the necessary formalities.