Oven cleaning – no more a dreaded chore

tough oven cleaning

Cleaning the oven is one of the least popular household chores – but you should not wait too long before getting down to it, because the more you clean your oven, the smaller and less persistent are the emerging contaminants and the job is done quickly. Whoever pushes this unpleasant task to the back burner, will need to remove the baked crusts at greater expense and greater effort afterwards while risking the coating of the oven to be damaged. Cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea, and when it comes to stove and oven, looking even hard boiled stains makes you run away from this task very quickly. Its because nobody wants to clean the oven, it gets down mostly to remnants of burnt food to remove, which have settled as stubborn encrustations on the hob, the grill and in the oven. To clean a dirty oven is hard physical work. Or is it? We’ll tell you ten concealed tricks for stove and oven, allow you to get the hotplate again shining once again.


Oven with self-cleaning function


It is very simple: More and more devices have a self-cleaning function. There are two different processes: the catalytic self-cleaning and pyrolysis. Ovens with catalytic self-cleaning in the interior have a special coating that is inserted into the catalysts. These convert to fat splashes and other contaminants into water and carbon dioxide during cooking. The oven must only be wiped with a damp cloth with a little detergent in order to complete the cleaning process. Oven cleaners and scouring sponges will not be needed anymore.

Crusts burn firmly persistent


Whether pizza, casserole or pie, food residue burning in the form of stubborn crusts on the floor and interior walls of the oven. It happens when preparing food in high temperatures. This is not a pretty sight and can sometimes destroy your appetite for the prepared food in the oven. If you see splashes or food residue, you should clean the oven as quickly as possible to prevent them to burn and get really sticky.


Toothbrush and microfiber cloth


Dried-up dirt on the hot plates of the electric oven can be done very easily with a soaked. Brown spots and encrusted coverings can be easily removed. For surfaces, the microfiber cloths are proven to be the best. They are not only extremely robust and therefore suitable for scouring and scrubbing, but can also be washed clean in the washing machine again.

Special detergents facilitate the work


To clean the oven is one of the unpleasant household tasks Р removing the crusts is by its design time consuming and tedious. Special oven cleaning solution from the supermarket or drugstore facilitates this kind of work making it much easier, maybe even pleasant.  Enter the agent with gloves generously aiming at the stained areas and let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes. The crusts are softened and can then be removed much easier.


We hope you found this article both interesting and useful. Now would be a good time to put your newly acquired skills into practice and try out some of the listed advices.