Maintaining a clean office is a must

office environment

Proper levels of cleanliness in the office space hold some great benefits. On the one hand it makes a very good impression on customers if you happen to be conducting any meetings or negotiations there. On the other it can boost productivity and effectiveness of the workforce not only by appealing to them on a psychological level but also for helping them find stuff faster. Good organisation entails great success.


Organise paper


If loose paper is rampantly occupying your workspace, you have a serious problem. It looks messy, no good for customers and also makes it extremely hard to find important documents and refer to them in a time of need. istock_000004581445mediumThere are ways you can take advantage of in order to save some time and feel better about the office environment.


- Label documents according to their use. Once you have done so, it will be much easier to store them properly in drawers. The latter are absolutely amazing when it comes to storing invoices, receipts, client profiles or contracts.

- Use convenient desk trays to just store documents of immediate use and urgency. Some open files or bills can find their place there, thus making them easily accessible and at the same time not abuse for the eyes.

- Another good idea is to just store all these documents electronically. Simply scan them and dispose of the hard copies, recycling them of course.




Toilets and bathrooms are an especially sensitive area due to the fact that they are a high traffic area with potential for spreading infection. Therefore, the toilets need to be cleaned on a daily basis regardless what happens. restroomsEspecially if the office works 24/7 like a call centre or something. Scrub toilet bowls with a strong cleaning solution and scrub hard with the toilet brush. It is hard and nasty kind of work but imagine how hard it would be to have an entire end of tenancy cleaning on your shoulders and you will feel much better about the toilet.




Try your best and keep electronics away from dust. If it does accumulate though, use dust blower to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Break room


Having in mind so many people bring and store food in there, it is easy to assume this room will get especially dirty at the end of the day. Even though it is not so easy when a number of people are in charge of the fridge for it to remain nice and orderly. Make it a rule though and toss old food out its out of shape. Also, every now and then spray tables, countertops, chairs with disinfectant solution and wipe them thoroughly. Another item in need of cleaning is the microwave. Simply moist a bit of a rag with disinfectant solution and scrub the inside of the microwave until all the dirt is gone for good. Make it a habit to wash hand drying cloths every now and then at least and clean the dish stand because mildew tends to build up quite fast.