How to maintain a clean car


If you love your car like most people, you have to take care of it. Here are some basic cleaning tips to keep your car in good condition.


Maintaining a clean environment


Regular cleaning of the outside of your car. .Clean from dust, salt and other contaminants collected every day on the road. If possible, wash the car once a week, and in accordance with the following guidelines when you are ready to bubble:


Wash car with care


If the vehicle is in the cleaning process does not remain calm, the water will evaporate too quickly, can leave spots.

Use foam designed for car washing.


When you use the car wash shampoo or soap, do you know this is the car (rather than dishes or your hair). Follow proper water wash manufacturer instructions.

Start with the wheels and thoroughly cleaned.


With plenty of soap and scrub tires and rubber wheels, thoroughly remove dirt. Rinse thoroughly and use a sponge or towel to further purify. Be especially careful of your wheels and tires – they are part of your car, the corrosive effect of obedience to the nearest road and brake dust.

Clean with something sweet to wash the surface.


Good natural selection, sea sponge, cotton chenille cushion or sheepskin gloves. These materials have a lot of fine fibers; attract dust and dirt from the surface.

Wash down and rinse the car often.


Finally, the free flow of flushing water (hose nozzle) used to allow water to car page.

Try polishing glass dry, crumpled newspaper.


Unlike paper towels, newsprint and ink will not lag behind the behavior of lint left paint is dry glass.

Wax and polish a long way.


Frequently used wax your car is the best way to protect against the elements. Rain, snow, road salt, pollution and inevitable guano could jeopardize delicate finish of your car. Here are some general tips to ensure that your car looks good, whenever wax:

Wash your car’s exterior, as described above.


The pre-clean wax


Pre-wax cleaner to remove stains, such as asphalt, water spots and insect debris. It can also be deep clean the paint and remove the remains of the previous wax layer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the body panels wax applicator applies time with a damp cloth or manufacturer.


If you’re looking for a nice appearance and good protection, synthetic wax, which is easy to apply and very durable, will do the job. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to apply the wax in the end (ie, circular and linear motion).

The wax dry body panels, its good brightness positive effect.


Dried wax usually within a few minutes, you can use a soft terry towel polished panel.

In most cases, a single layer of wax will make your car look and make sure there is adequate protection against the elements.


However, for a special luster, you can choose to apply a second layer of wax. Until the wax treatment – typically 12 to 48 hours – needs waiting between applications.

Wax is usually enough to get your car protected.


Natural waxes usually must be repeated every 6-10 weeks (depending on the model). Six to nine months of synthetic wax ongoing between applications.

Keep the inside clean


Let your car cleaner than half of the work outside. The interior is a threat to many of the same contaminants that can damage your vehicle, including dirt, salt and stones, pull out your feet, cigarette smoke, waste paper and bread crumbs. Remove these contaminants, at least your car, you wash the outside often. Here are some things to do to clean your car:

Vacuum click on it.


This includes the lower floors, decorative fabrics, carpets and seats. Use a hose connected to a narrow class into small spaces – a little bit of dirt and debris to collect. Wash with soap and water and rinse rubber, but make sure they are put back into the car before they dry.

Wipe the glass surface without force.


Use a damp cloth, such as instrument panels, center console, and steering wheel column and door areas and inside.

Wipe leather surface with a clean, damp cloth.

Clean the inside of the glass.
With a dry paper towel and glass cleaner without ammonia to remove dirt, stacked film. When the glass dries, polishing with crumpled newspaper is recommended.