Laptop Cleaning Information


How to clean your laptop prophylactically is a question that many laptop owners want to know the answer of?

It is best for your laptop is to be cleaned by a professional, but enthusiast who wish to clean their laptop alone can do so and in this article we apply a few tips that may be useful to them in this endeavor.


Why? Because unfortunately, unlike standard desktop machine, a laptop is not as easy to open and clean. However, there are several steps that you as an end user can do to clean and maintain your laptop or handheld device and store it clean and functioning for a long period of time.


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Before cleaning any computer, we recommend the device to be turned off and the power cord removed. Also, when you start to clean a laptop, it is desirable to remove the battery as well.


Cleaning the outside of your laptop


Clean the exterior of the laptop case can help the laptop look like new. Surface of the laptop can be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth that has been slightly dampened with water. It is not recommended for the outer surface of the laptop to be cleaned with


products designed for household purposes. However, if there is substance to the laptop, which can not be cleaned with water, you can use alcohol.


Cleaning the keyboard of a laptop


Like almost everything else in a laptop computer, its keyboard is no exception and also differs from the standard computer keyboard. With many notebook keyboards keys can not be completely removed. Therefore, we suggest cleaning the keyboard using the same damp cloth that is used to clean the exterior of the laptop. In addition, you can be use compressed air to remove dust, dirt or hair fallen around the keys.

The cloth should be slightly moistened to not penetrate the moisture from it in the laptop itself.


If you spilled your laptop with something , which caused loss of function of keys on the keyboard, for example, you can find helpful tips here. It is better to contact a professional to suggest repairing options. It may be necessary to replace the keyboard, if the problem can not be resolved.


Cleaning laptop mouse (or touchpad)


Cleaning the laptop touchpad can help improve the appearance of the laptop. Also at times will help to improve the sensitivity of the touchpad. To clean the surface of the touchpad using the same damp cloth used already for cleanser on the outer surface of the laptop.


Cleaning the inside of the laptop


If dust, dirt, hair, or other substances have penetrated your laptop – they could interfere with air circulation needed for cooling your laptop. This can lead to overall overheating.


Look for holes in your laptop, from where it draws cold air. These holes are usually one of the parties, back, or bottom of the laptop. Dust, dirt, hair, or other substances can almost always be easily removed with a cotton swab or compressed air.


If you use compressed air to clean the holes that have fans in them, you should realize that the amount of air blown through the fan can cause them to rotate. This can cause damage to the fan itself. To deal with this problem, you can carefully put between the fan blades toothpick. Be very precise and careful not to damage affecting any other part of his device.


Cleaning of internal laptop components


Cleaning the inside of the notebook can be a daunting task. However, in some situations, it may be necessary due to excessive dust and dirt collected and accumulation of hair in the air vents of the computer that are close to sensitive parts of the components of the laptop and is preferable to contact a professional.


Unfortunately, due to the complexity in the assembly and disassembly of the laptop to reach many of these areas need this procedure be done by a professional. Unfortunately can not provide this information online for virtually every laptop ever made. If you think that after cleaning your computer, it still overheats above normal limits and are convinced that this is due to the accumulated dust and dirt, we suggest you provide your laptop authorized service centers can offer.