How to involve your children in the cleaning process


Dealing with the house chores can be devastating for one’s mental status, especially if you have a big house ahead of you and being on your own at that. Wouldn’t it be so much better to have a small army of helpers to aid you in this vast project? We bet it would. For the sake of not only getting the house cleaned as it should but also teaching your kids a valuable lesson in life, we have comprised a handy list of tips, tricks and techniques to help get the little fellows involved in something productive.


Hit them when they are young


Toddles, as many studies have proven, feel incredible pride helping out the grown ups. They are likely to brag about it relentlessly for a while afterwards but as long as you get the to help you (and learn to do so for time to come), it is a good trade off in our opinion.


Keep your expectations low


Think of your pre-school kids and how well they can realistically be expected to make their bed perfectly from the first try, right? Cut them some slack, let them fail a bit before they learn to do it better. The first few tries may not be something to brag about before your neighbours but give them time to get there after all.




Be specific enough to be fully understood. Ordering a kid to clean its room is confusing and actually overwhelming command. Telling it to put away its toy guns or dolls however, is specific enough and therefore useful order. That significantly increases the chances the kid to comply. Similarly, a command such as “do the end of tenancy cleaning” is also likely to fail on two grounds. First, its not specific enough and second, kids probably lack the dexterity and physical strength to tackle many of the tasks involved. So be mindful of these considerations when delegating tasks.


Visual aids


It might be a good idea to paint a picture in order to illustrate your point. Since children’s vocabulary is not as developed yet, they are far more likely to understand a picture rather than verbal command. It might predispose it to try and make a picture on its own. Maybe even become a great artist one day. Lots of hidden benefits are waiting for you from seemingly insignificant tasks.


Role playing


Although you did not need to be told that, children love to role play. Have them start their own cleaning business in your house, equip them with small size rubber gloves, aprons and hats. Let them feel useful and appreciated. You, on the other hand, can simply play the role of a very satisfied customer.




Try your best to make a game out of it. For instance when putting things away is the task at hand, might as well play a song from the computer and have the kids challenged to put everything away by the end of the playing track. That way, if challenged, they will feel more compelled to try harder and do it faster. It is worth pointing out that kids are just as burdened when it comes to household chores , just like their adult counterparts are. If it was made fun in a way, that increases the chances of gaining their cooperation.