A guide to successful spring cleaning

spring cleaning

After a long winter, you may be contemplating some home improvements like painting or just thinking of getting a light clean to freshen up. That might just be the least you will have to do in order to tackle the unnecessary and potentially harmful dirt. Civilised society has put a lot of pressure onto homeowners to take better care of their properties and to make them look taken cared of. That is justifiable as many cities are striving for better image in order to attract investments. In any case, it is a good thing to have an idea what needs to be done in a concise list of areas and activities you can engage in.




It might not be cleaning per se but still an important activity. You are better off organising your wardrobe first, before even taking part of any cleaning at all. Just get rid of stuff you don’t wear any more and organise the rest in meaningful order. Having them put with respect to their colour or usage is a good starting point and a true way to an easier daily dressing routine.


Odours & Stains


If you allowed yourself the negligence of having old stains or smells coming from here and there, then it might just be high time to change that reality. Simply acquire appropriate stain removal solution and deodorisers and get down to business.


Painted walls


Although those are, for some weird reason, always reserved for the end of tenancy cleaning and not bothered about for quote a while, you can make easy steps to resolve the mess yourself. Get a clean cloth or sponge with some water. Rubbing works for light stains, however if you have to tackle a more persistent one, you might have to resort to adding dishwashing liquid as well. That will handle the situation nine times out of ten.


Creating mood


Simply for the purpose of transforming the way your place feels, try rearranging the furniture in the house to emphasise a different feeling. Having to do that once or twice a year could be very beneficial for the way you perceive your home and how happy you are about it.




Carpets are a wonderful addition to almost any home. They need to be taken care of though. A simple vacuum is a very good idea even on a daily basis. Reality is, this piece of home goodness is often neglected and eventually falls in need of professional cleaning. The latter is generally nice to be done once or twice a year, depending how often you use it and what your budget constraints are.




White distilled vinegar in combination with baking soda can accomplish miracles with the oven. You simply need to apply, rub and let sit for a while before washing everything up with warm water and a sponge. Its an easy formula to great oven cleaning done easy and affordable.


As you can see for yourself, there is a lot to be done. If you can not make the time for it all, consider hiring professional help. Or just try and talk your kids into it. Sometimes money goes a long way with getting things done.