Fast house cleaning is possible

Fast house cleaning

From all the chores vastly available through their actual need, cleaning just happens to be among the worst, if not THE most hated one of all time. There are reasons for that of course – its inevitable, tedious, time consuming and most importantly yacky. Who really wants to get their hands dirty, right? But you have to, otherwise the house will fall victim to shameful neglect. What burdens the mind even more is the mere knowledge how much time it can really consume. The thought of it has devastating power. Defeating its gruesome prowess will take cunning planning and surgical execution. Consider the following suggestions how to improve your work rate and get rid of this tedious chore at least for the time being.


Take advantage of your child being big enough to play alone in the tub and spend a baths deal of time cleaning the bathroom area. That leaves you close enough, should your assistance be needed and at the same time you can tick one of them nasty duties off. This method is a clear display of efficiency but not all steamrolling ideas have been revealed just yet.  Let’s not waste any time and jump straight into the details.


Spray the synk with white vinegar. Having said that, it is worth noting that virtually all your bathroom can easily be cleaned with white distilled vinegar. Do not miss the handles and the tap as well. Often easy to forget but just as needy when it comes to attention to detail and utter hygiene.


Shower glass door can, too, be cleaned well with vinegar. Remove any dirt or hair from the drainage and you are good to go. Naturally, end of tenancy cleaners for example, would use other kinds of chemicals, but you are not chasing those standards. All you need to do is make sure its all reasonably hygienic and looking good. That suffices in most cases.


Toilet is a nasty one, many would argue. There is an exceptionally high concentration of germs and should therefore not be taken lightly. While human urine is perfectly sterile, feces are very well on the other extreme in that equation. Once again, vinegar treatment is applicable but this time around, you should spray thoroughly and let it sit like that for a little while. Ring and rim should also take their needed quantity of spraying. After 10-15 minutes, feel free to diligently scrub the whole toilet with a toilet brush.


An amazingly fast (around twenty minutes actually) kind of cleaning is perfectly possible as well. All you need to do is to get down to business whenever the children are having lunch or dinner. Why then? They will not get on the way and you know they are safe at the time, that’s why it is a good time for something like this. Take out the trash, spray some vinegar on the sink and tap and wash the dishes. It is not all that much work and can really be done in about twenty minutes or so. If you are replacing old dishwashing sponges to that list, you would become an exemplary parent/housekeeper.