A dust-free home is more than achievable

dust-free house

Keeping the house free from dust can truly be a challenging task to take on but it is well worth going the extra mile for. Dust abundant places can potentially have a hazardous effect on people’s help and its best avoiding such unwanted scenarios. There are plenty of sources for dust to come by in the first place – human activity inside the house, hair, shoes (previously used to go on the outside) as well as particles coming inside from the wide opened windows. Contrary to common belief, in some occasions, the air inside the property can prove much better than the one on the outside. It can all result in a unsightly picture, not to mention it will be uncomfortable to operate within such premise, much less to allow for any guests to come in. Having said that, measures must be taken in order to restore the proper look of a property.


Here are some things you can do to keep the air inside dust-free:


clean1. Assess the situation carefully and if it happens that the air on the outside appears worse than the one on the inside, better not bother opening the windows at all. Naturally, lots of people believe opening the windows will bring fresh air in, but it may not be the case around poluted areas or near a desert region for instance. Not to mention to very likely possibility of storms and hurricanes that you should, obviously, try and keep outside of your home. Better yet, use the air conditioning system to bring some fresh air in if the aforementioned is the case.

2. Change the air filters of the air conditioning system frequently. Some suggest changing them at least one month which may seem like an overkill for some, better yet, it is a good investment if you want to keep the place free of dust.

3. Considering hiring professional help to clean the ducts. If you see dust building up fast despite your heroic attempts to keep clean, than its probably high time for some duct cleaning. The ventilation system may also be in need of repairs without you even noticing. Get it checked, get it cleaned.

4. Change the bedding on a regular basis and that includes sheets, covers, pillows too. If you use bed covers (that you do not clean all too often), consider getting those cleaned as well.clean kitchen

5. Do not wait for the end of tenancy cleaning to fix what you do wrong today. It is a bad idea. Just keep it in a good shape and then you may not even have to worry about that deposit money too much.

6. Get rid of carpeting that attracts and hosts dust mites. Professional cleaning can help sometimes but if you can afford it, replace the carpeting and install wooden hard floors instead. You will feel the difference regarding dust very quickly

7. Blinds and shades can also be a source of problems. Cloth blinds and shades are better off replaced with more eco-friendly solutions but if you can not, for some reason, do that, then just have them cleaned every once in a while.