Cleaning of wooden items at home

wooden furniture
Cleaning of wood furniture and its finish (paint, varnish, oil) in order to restore its beauty and magnificence lost in time due to heat, humidity, dust etc. There are several products for cleaning wood:

Natural products for cleaning wood
I personally prefer them, they are less toxic then suitable for children and also uses domestic components apply to everyone; (you can find more recipes in our site “clean wood”.

Chemicals for cleaning wood
More efficient and faster to be used carefully and follow written directions to the product catalog and also the procedures mentioned in our site “clean wood”.

So follow these simple steps to clean your wood furniture:

Clean wood finish
type of wood finish

First thing you have to know the type of finish of your furniture. If you do not know so concerned over this article and visit all you’re okay “Wood Finishing” if your furniture is very old or you’re not safe type then you can seek the help of a specialist in your nearest store furniture by mounting him a photo or a small piece … etc. After you clear the kind of wood, the work begins (I will not go into details, but all will be revealed later in other articles on “clean wood”.

Clean oiled wood

Clean oiled wood: wipe roughly 3 times weekly furniture (depending on the furniture location) with a clean, dry cloth wrung or if the surface is dirty (caution must wring the cloth) if it did not work you can use a can of toothpaste).

clean oiled finishes
Facts oiled finishes your product
at home for cleaning wood mix in half of linseed oil with half of turpentine (using Google or Wikipedia if you not know these two subjects) this mixture is very effective, wipe the furniture surface by mixing with soft cloth he’ll enter the pores of the wood and restore its natural gloss. clean the wood with this 2 time per year maximum.

clean oiled wood finish

Clean Painted wood
with a vacuum cleaner with a brush (attachment). or just as we did in step 1 (clean oiled wood) with a soft, dry cloth.

Clean painted wood painted finish
Clean painted wood (spots footprints)
using a damp sponge. Wring out the sponge thoroughly, excess moisture can warp dyeing wood.

Clean waxed waxed wood
Clean wood polish
with a cloth soaked in warm milk. Then wipe with a slightly moistened wool oil.

Clean the polished wood polished
Clean the polished wood
using liquid varnish, wax, paste or spray. Paste wax fills scratches and should be applied twice a year, the liquid is easier to apply the paste, but requires more frequent application, three to four times a year; varnished aerosol is easier to apply, but contains silicone which can make your furniture slippery and can cause accumulation.