Clean carpets perfectly – How to remove stubborn dirt

Clean Carpets

Carpets are one of them items around the house that do not usually get much attention when it comes to cleaning. They do, however need some to be completely forthcoming. They collect all sorts of debris, soil, dust and germs and need to be disinfected at least every so often. The carpet is usually cleaned only superficially because people are normally not aware how dirty the carpets really are. Usually, the stains can be removed completely with proper treatment. Especially when carpets are to be sold, it is advisable to clean them before, so no price decreases can be negotiated from the other parties. Same as many other items, the more presentable they look, the higher the price that can be asked for them.

Depending on the traffic they receive, carpets should be thoroughly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner every two to four years rugs or. A carpet cleaner, for example can easily be found on the web. With the help of modern carpet cleaning techniques, ugly gray veil will be removed, also harmful dust mites and bacteria will be disposed of as well. Cleaning is surely a very beneficial process and, in general, a brilliant idea. Performing such acts on a semi-regular basis at least will do you justice for sure.




  • Remove all items and furniture from the carpet in order to facilitate the cleaning process.
  • You also need to pay special attention to any spots or stained areas and make sure to apply some kind of detergent in order to soften up before the actual cleaning takes place.
  • Check the carpets for any soils buildups and make sure to use a vacuum cleaner beforehand.


clean carpetsBasic Carpet Cleaning:


The method that is commonly used in order to get those long forgotten carpets to a near-prime state is known as steam cleaning or others call it hot-water extraction method. It involves hoovering of the carpets first to remove soils and then a pre-treating solution is being added to deal with any pesky stains. Then the machine comes into play and extracts all inserted moisture alongside any dirt and in most cases, the stains are gone as well after this.


The other cleaning method used by professional companies and individuals alike is the so-called dry cleaning method. It involves straying of strong cleaning powder onto the carpet and then it needs to be thoroughly rubbed into the fibre itself. After this is done, an ordinary vacuum cleaner can be used in order to suck back all the powder with the attacked dirt to it. This process needs to be repeated a few times until the powder itself is no longer looking dirty. Dry cleaning is generally recommended for treatment of more sensitive areas or carpets that could not withstand the power of steam cleaning and may suffer discoloration.




In order for the carpet to be clean for as long as possible, it should be additionally protected with a water repellent. By spraying a fiber and tissue protection, you stabilize the carpet pile. In order for the carpet to be renewed and protected from soiling or felting applying this solution makes sense and it will further facilitate the cleaning process. Drying may take up to 24 hours.




It helps a lot if the carpet is tapped regularly. If you beat the carpet, this should always be done only from the bottom. In winter, lay the carpet face down on dry snow, and then tap it. Because snow picks up dirt easily, you can have it cleaned in this fashion.


If you follow this procedure, and the tips you’ll surely many potential customers can delight with the carpet and get much response to your free ads.