Clean Carpet – 12 Tips for great cleaning

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Those who already had to clean a carpet, know that this is not always easy. Depending on the “dirt” levels variety you have a completely different approach applicable. The following 12 household tips are certainly very helpful in the attempt to tackle this issue.


Clean carpets without any chemicals


Stains are most easily removed when treated immediately after the accident occurred and with appropriate means of course. In most cases, however, you do not always find the right spot remover at home – in these cases it is useful if you know a few tips and tricks on how to remove the stains from the carpet even without chemical cleaners that would most likely be expensive above all else.


The Twelve Tricks


  1.     If the stain is still fresh, then you should first try with mineral water. This will give you some time while you can still do something about the spot. Then you have to suck up the liquid with a cloth or a small sponge. If is it a straightforward spot, then it would be gone. Alternatively, you can try it with glass cleaner.
  2.     If you want to clean the carpet, then you should put some glycerin on the carpet before applying the carpet cleaner. This way, spots are eliminated effectively.
  3.     To freshen up the colors, you can rub the carpet with vinegar water. The vinegar water should be vinegar made from a mixture of ten parts water to one part vinegar.
  4.     Stubborn stains should be treated with shaving cream. Spray, allow to act, and rinse. In many cases helps to follow this simple pattern.
  5.     Alternatively, you can also deal with the spots with baking soda. Stir a little baking soda to make a thick paste. Apply to stains, let it dry and then brush off.
  6.     If the pressure marks caused by furniture in the carpet, then they can be eliminated with water vapor. Simply hold the iron over the stain and evaporate. Make sure, however, that the iron does not come into contact with the carpet. And if you do not want to be bothered with all of that anyway, you might just want to book proven cleaners.
  7.     Moist salt brightens carpets again. Spreading it over the carpet and let it sit for about an hour. Then you can easily suck the salt again.
  8.     If you want to beat your carpet only, then you should note that you should always beat on the back of the carpet.
  9.     In winter, carpets can be cleaned particularly well when they are placed with the top in the snow and beaten then. The snow is to deprive the dirt from the carpet particularly well.
  10.     Anyone who has a dog or a cat in the house who knows the problem that the carpets are always full of animal hair, which can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Just go over the carpet with a scrubbing brush or a rubber broom and this should do the trick.
  11.     A chewing gum can be removed from the carpet by first cooling it down with an ice cube, so that it is crumbly, and then scraping it off. As an alternative to ice cubes, you can also use ice spray!
  12.     Red wine stains can be removed with salt. Simply sprinkle the salt on the fresh stain and vacuum later.