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Clean and disinfect the refrigerator properly

Clean and disinfect the refrigerator properly

How often do you clean your fridge? In most cases the answer is almost laughable. If something expires or is dirty, then you can sweep quickly through. “This is not the answer a hygiene expert wants to hear. Its because the fridge can be a potent breeding ground for germs in a tight secluded area. It should therefore be cleaned regularly in its entirety.

Despite the cold refrigerator temperatures microorganisms grow cold tolerant. These cold-tolerant microorganisms include, for example Listeria. They are found everywhere and are able to reproduce themselves with and without oxygen. That is, they germinate on vegetable as on animal foods, vacuum packed or in bulk packaged foods. A seed has once taken root, he multiplies exponentially and forms a biofilm in the refrigerator. They can not be seen and therefore one forgets that the place where we keep delicate foods, often times would have to be scrubbed. Regular and thorough cleaning is the only thing that helps.

How do you clean the fridge right?

No special cleaners are needed for the refrigerator cleaning. A conventional household cleaning is sufficient. It is important to treat the surfaces with a sponge or cloth for stains to be really rubbed off. Because the microorganisms attach themselves in so-called biofilms, and are best killed not only by the detergent, but removed by friction. In addition, a disinfectant is used. Usually this is not necessary. Just the regular cleaning of the refrigerator, about every two weeks is sufficient. A contamination with microorganisms can not be prevented, it applies only to stifle growth. That is, foods that are spoiled, should be removed immediately. It should also, as soon as something runs out, it should be wiped out immediately and not allow it to stick inside the fridge. That way, the environment preferred by bacteria is essentially sanitised.

More tips for the hygiene in the refrigerator

Each food should have a firm place in the refrigerator, depending on the refrigerator temperature. Raw fish and raw meat should be stored on the glass shelf above the vegetable compartment. So that way the spread of germs is prevented in the refrigerator. In addition, this place is the coldest in the refrigerator and therefore optimal for these perishable foods.

Foods that are ready to eat, should be stored separately from raw foods such as eggs, fish and meat, as these are risky, for example, by salmonella. Cooking raw foods is generally better than consuming them as they are. If different types of food come into contact with one another, cross contamination may occur.

Vacuum packaged food can also be charged, even if the clean packaging suggests otherwise. Welded foods such as smoked salmon or cut lettuce may be contaminated with Listeria or other bacteria. Risk groups, including pregnant women, children, old people and immunocompromised are therefore generally discouraged from eating these. All others should be advised to consume these foods always very fresh and not to exceed the expiration date in order to keep the risk of infection low.

Thus, the shelf life of foods is not exceeded unnecessarily, the refrigerator should be cleaned up as possible. One should always try to notice spoiled food on time. After all, bacteria formed by spoilage is not only unnecessary, but also produces unpleasant odors.

The fridge is stinky!

If the refrigerator stinks, the first step should be to find the possible cause. Scruffy something or the smell is generally bad? For this, the fridge is best completely emptied. Then all the parts are cleaned including waterproofing – among the gum ends of the glass plate where dirt is often overlooked. Use vinegar to wipe out odors. There is no specific cause and should the refrigerator smell after cleaning, there are little tricks. Place a small bowl of coffee grounds or baking soda dissolved in water in the refrigerator. Then it should be ensured that the fridge is never too full, so that the air circulates well.