How to become a great housewife

American housewife in the 1950s

Are you at the end of your adolescent years and ready to jump head on to experience the reward and struggle of living as a grown up. Some duties and responsibilities come about your way but its not much to worry about if you are not afraid to spend a bit of time each day to handle this kind of work. That will also contribute greatly in maintaining a healthy prosperous relationship with your husband.




One great way to keep the whole family (and yourself) in good shape, strong and able is to cook healthy food and constantly have some available, aka never run out of good meals. If you are not comfortable cooking, try getting some skill in it and will start feeling a lot better as the quality of your work improves. Try to predict things and plan ahead of time so you have something nice ready by the time he comes back home from work. Naturally, having something prepared send a strong message to your partner, that you care about him. It is a warm and comforting expression of love and affection as well.




Although unpleasant to many, cleaning is obviously a must when trying to keep a home in good order. Nobody would like to constantly search for keys or other valuables through mountains of cluttered items. Or having to inhale the smell of old trash collecting mould for days. Brace yourself and buckle up in order to tackle these chores well on time and properly. You are unlikely to be required to exert yourself to the point of having to do the whole end of tenancy cleaning (whenever you decide to move out), so be mindful it could have been worse.




Granted its very tedious and annoying to do, laundry is also an essential component in keeping the good order inside the house. Help your husband out by having clean clothes readily available whenever needed. Bring the kids along to give you a hand folding the clothes.


Keeping schedules


Scheduling your time well means you will be able to do much more during your day. Think of it this way – you are in charge of the house and its other inhabitants are under your control. With their help and your masterful planning, success can only follow naturally. Plan your work and work your plan as they say. You will soon discover how much can actually be accomplished if you keep a vigilant eye and be on top of what’s happening


Waking up


Starting the day earlier will surely give you much more time to get things done. Oversleeping is, as a matter of fact, likely to cause you to feel tired all throughout the day anyway so it is not worth it. Going the extra mile and getting up a bit earlier than usual will help your whole family to feel comfortable and well fed. That way, you will also ensure the appreciation of everyone and your husband in particular. His job is probably hard enough to allow himself to worry about extra stuff such as cleaning and doing the laundry.