5 things that could make your house look cleaner

Keeping your home clean is definitely become less of a problem with the rise of affordable cleaning services, the production of autonomous cleaning robots such as the iRobot Roomba and it’s competitors, but if you live in a household with a pet such as a cat or a dog, you’d know that keeping them from leaving fur all over the place is a nightmare. If you don’t have a Roomba or a house cleaner, there are a few things that you could do to make sure that your house looks a bit cleaner then it really is.

Keep in mind that some of these might need to be done when you’re still furnishing your home or be installed even before you start furnishing. So without getting into much details here, let’s get to these 5 things that could help make your house look cleaner.

Picking the right flooring

Picking the right type of floor could save  you a ton of time in cleaning. There’s no comparison of wooden floors to hard floors as the first ones have a much bigger diversity and you could pick a wooden floor that could resemble real wood and we all know that real wood has many colors. If you pick the right color of flooring, that could make your floors look a bit better as they would hide any dirt and debris. Hard floors on the other hand aren’t as good at that and I’d say that you’re probably much better off using a wooden floor or a laminated floor if you have a pet at home. If you like using the shoes you use outside at home, then a hard floor might be the better choice though, as wet or muddy shoes or boots will definitely damage a wooden floor much more then a hard floor.

Having a rug in places with a lot of foot traffic

If you put a rug in places with a lot of foot traffic, they will surely keep the floor surfaces a lot cleaner and will not need a ton of maintenance. There are a few things you need to consider before using a rug though. First off, the rug obviously needs to fit nicely alongside with the interior design of your home. Picking the right type of rug is also really important. For instance, there are a lot of different types of fabric that will simply not hide the dirt at all and the only thing you’ll achieve with such a rug is to make your home look even dirtier. The best type of rug to hide the dirt in has long strings  that move around. Such rugs are more difficult to clean, but they do offer an amazing ability to keep everything  hidden underneath. Pet fur, dirt, debris and in some instances peanuts might get lost in such rugs.

Pick darker colors for your walls

If you feel like you are not the type of person that will keep everything immaculate and will stain things such as a wall, then making the right decision in terms of wall paint might make a huge difference. We were recently contacted by a Melbourne company that specializes in end of lease cleaning Melbourne and they sent us a few pictures of a wall that was so badly stained that we couldn’t believe. As here at HouseGleam we like  to keep in touch with competitors and fellow cleaners from all over the world we often discuss such cases with them and exchange useful information on how to tackle such stains. Lighter colors are much more prone to being stained and you would like to steer away from such a choice if you’re a sloppy and aren’t very precise with your cooking skills for example, or in case you have a pet that likes to jump on the walls of your hallway for instance.

The right decoration at the right spots

If you aren’t familiar with decorations with art and flowers and how much it could improve the way your home looks then you should definitely check out this blog. This will definitely give you a few ideas on how to make your home look fresher and improve it’s overall style and design. Fresh flowers will always take the attention away from a dirtier floor for example and could even hide some imperfections on your walls or even ceiling in some instances.